These Cats Are So Melodramatic You’ll Think That They’re Human

If you know anything about cats then you’re probably familiar with all their strange behavior. When cats react to things, what happens next is often not what we’d expect. This collection of dramatic kitties only goes to show that cats are the most attitudinal house pets around. From pretending to die to meeting new babies, you’ll see that these cats are so melodramatic that they probably deserve an Oscar for their performances.

One cat will do the most to make sure you don’t walk away from her!

Makin’ My Way Downtown

dramatic cat riding in car

This cat clearly didn’t know what it was getting itself into when it agreed to get in the car with his human and his canine sibling. The look in this cat’s eyes spells fear, bewilderment, and curiosity all in one!

Looks like its canine sibling is completely unamused by this road trip, which tells us that maybe they’re going to the vet. Perhaps this cat just realized that as well.

Don’t Look At Me!

dramatic cat in the snow

The closer the camera got to this cat, the less he seems to like it! Perhaps the photographer should have spent less time trying to capture this snowy feline and more time trying to save it from its misery.

The cat’s fur is covered in snow in the top pick but judging by the bottom pic, it took him a couple of minutes before he realized he was freezing. Hopefully, he didn’t freeze that way.

Just Leave Me Here To Die

dramatic cat playing dead

It may seem like cats could care less about your presence but this particular kitty might suggest otherwise. It looks like this cat’s owner walked in on her playing dead.

Maybe this kitty was upset that her owner had to leave for work all day and decided, “Fine! Just leave me here to die!” After a few hours waiting for her owner to catch her this way, she probably just fell asleep.

A Death Stare So Fierce It Could Cut You

dramatic cat jealous of dog

This girl wasn’t even aware that her cat could make a face like that. This kitty’s stern glare is so fierce she could cut you with all the hatred brewing in her soul. She’s already over the fact that there’s a dumb doggo in the mix but she absolutely loathes it when he does things to get their human’s attention.

This cat clearly doesn’t care about the bond between a girl and her dog.

Reenacting His Favorite Scene

dramatic cat falling off couch

This cat must have been inspired by his feline cousins in The Lion King. Here he is trying to reenact the scene where Mufasa falls into a gorge and is trampled by a stampede of wildebeests.

Just look at the dedication this cat is giving to its performance! Even its claws are out in an effort to hang on for dear life. Someone call the Academy and nominate this cat for next year!

We’re Not Done Yet!

dramatic cat hanging onto another cat

Looks like the cat on the right has a bit of an attachment issue going on. Just look at the way she’s holding on to her sibling, who probably has been trying to get his alone time from the moment she was adopted.

All this cat wants is a little play time but for her, play time is apparently all hours of the day. The cat on the left is completely over it.

If you thought this was a bit excessive, wait until you see the cat that gives its owner a death stare every night.

The Horror!


The look of sheer horror on this cat’s face is one that raises so many questions. What is he gasping at? What is that mysterious shard floating before him? Perhaps this cat just witnessed something… something bad.

Maybe his favorite toy was just shot to death or worse yet, his very own food bowl! We wouldn’t be surprised if someone had it out for this cat and if that’s the case, we’d be afraid too.

Why Have You Forsaken Me!?

dramatic cat being emotional

This cat is bawling its eyes out after having an emotional day of being a cat. First, her human left for work, which she actually quite enjoys except for the fact that on this day, said human didn’t put out enough food!

This kitty is an emotional eater and ate her daily serving within five minutes of her human being gone. She has been crying to the heavens like this ever since.

You Had Me Fooled

dramatic cat went to the vet

Many pets are happy to get in the car with their humans, excited for the next adventure. But they aren’t too pleased when the adventure leads them right to the veterinarian’s office.

That is precisely what happened to this unsuspecting kitty, who couldn’t stop giving her human the stink eye on the way home. She can’t believe she was bamboozled into going to the vet and getting inside a pet carrier!

What’s This?!

dramatic cat meets baby

The owners of this cat apparently forget to let him know that they were having a baby. When they finally came home with their bundle of joy, this cat was shocked to discover that it was a baby they brought and not a gift for him.

So many thoughts are going through his head right now: What does this mean? Am I being replaced? Where is it going to sleep? How long will it be here? Sorry cat, but this little guy is here to stay.

I Can’t Believe My Eyes

dramatic cat sees ceiling fan

These cats were apparently amazed by the wonder of their human’s ceiling fan. The moment that it was turned on, these cats felt like they just discovered the airplane. Strangely enough, they had quite a strong reaction to seeing something so mesmerizing, so much so that the cat on the right can hardly contain herself.

We wouldn’t be surprised if these cats spent the rest of their night trying to jump at the ceiling fan after the photo was taken.

Waiting For The Right Moment

dramatic cat death stare

We all know that this cat is clearly plotting their human’s death. The cat’s owner posted this photo of her saying that this is what they see every night before they go to bed. The cat probably sits there staring at her while she tries to get some shut eye.

We don’t know for sure what this cat has on their minds, but we know it isn’t good. It isn’t good at all.

One cat had an epic fail trying to enter the house as you’ll soon see…

You Will Regret This

dramatic cat bath

You’re lucky if you manage to get a cat near water. Such was the case for the owner of this cat, who gave it a bath and got to see his reaction. Clearly, he’s not happy about it.

Cats aren’t known for loving water and this cat looks enraged that he was fooled into getting a full shower. Now he is completely soaked, probably reciting a curse in its head to seek revenge.

I Told You Not To Lock The Door

dramatic cat locked out in rain

This cat cannot believe that he was left out in the rain. Before the downpour started, he walked outside and told his humans, “Meow,” but what he was really saying was “Don’t lock the door, I’m coming right back!”

They obviously didn’t listen to him and locked him outside. Not only is he upset that he’s soaking wet, but he also is pretty frustrated that his humans didn’t even bother to call him back inside!

The Great Escape

dramatic cat locked up

We wonder what these cats could possibly be passing to each other. Perhaps some contraband cat nip from the outside? Love notes? A file that they will fruitlessly use to cut themselves out?

Either way, none of them know that the only way out is in the hands of humans. But you got to give these cats credit for trying to make a dramatic escape. If this doesn’t encourage people to adopt, we don’t know what will!

What Are You Looking At?

dramatic cat look

This cat looks incredibly offended at something her human did or didn’t do. Her human posted this photo saying, “My cat gives me this look sometimes,” which tells us that this is a regular occurrence.

The cat obviously has some issues to work through if it gets so easily offended. Perhaps her human looked at her the wrong way and that was enough of a trigger to warrant this facial response.

This Was A Mistake

dramatic cat stuck in paper

Looks like this kitty was playing in its owner’s recycling and shimmied through a hole of an old newspaper. That venture didn’t work out as planned because as you can see, it didn’t take long before this cat realized it was in a predicament.

Instead of meowing patiently for its human to come save him, he decided to act like it was the end of times and that he was about to suffocate to death.

This Didn’t Work Out As Planned

dramatic cat stuck on screen door

This cat wanted to make a grand entrance and fly into her home like Superman. Unfortunately, she didn’t see that there was a screen door standing in her way. This kitty was at least quick-witted enough to break her claws out and hold onto the screen.

It would have been pretty hilarious to see her run into the screen and fall down. Thankfully, she thought of a pretty good save.

Coming up is one cat who doesn’t look too pleased to be saved from a house fire…

A Cat With Puppy Dog Eyes

dramatic cat eyes

Someone is clearly lobbying for Best Actress at the Oscars next year. Look that the way she can emote with her eyes! We’re sorry kitty, but you’re clearly no Puss in Boots from Shrek.

We like your dedication though, so keep trying. With time, you’ll probably be able to compel your human into doing anything with a perfect sad-cat look like that. For now, we’re unconvinced.

It’s Not Easy Being A Cat

dramatic lazy cat

The life of a house cat isn’t an easy one apparently. After a whole day of doing cat things – staring out the window for three hours, bathing in the sunlight of said window for another two, grooming itself in the corner for 30 minutes – this cat is just completely exhausted.

Looks like he decided to end his laborious day with something on TV but the evening news sent this kitty right to sleep.

I’m Coming Out!

dramatic cat stepping into sun

This is probably the sassiest dramatic cat on this list. Just look at the way it’s sashaying into the sunlight like it’s ready to take on the world!

A cat with this much confidence obviously knows where it’s going in life and doesn’t need anyone or anything to hold it back. You better not get in its way because this cat looks like he’ll serve you a good helping of sass if you do.

You’re Going To Pay

dramatic annoyed cat

The owner of this cat made a huge mistake. Apparently, they accidentally knocked over this kitty’s bowl of milk and didn’t have any left over to replace it. When it came time for the human to eat dinner, this cat sat across from them with this look on her face.

She is absolutely not pleased that you interrupted her milk time. Now she’s just going to stare you into guilt for the rest of the night.

I Just Got To Express Myself!

dramatic cat singing

Maybe this cat sees something above it that we don’t see (as cats tend to do) or maybe he was so moved by the feline spirit in him that he broke out into song! Just look at the way his little paws are thrown up in the heat of the moment.

Sure, it may just sound like a bunch of meowing to human ears but those who speak cat would hear the greatest rendition of “I Will Always Love You” they’ve ever heard.

The Culprit Is Not Who You Think

dramatic cat saved from fire

This cat is being saved by a brave fireman from a blaze that devoured its home. Hopefully, this cat didn’t end up using one of his nine lives in the process, but maybe that was the point? After all, he doesn’t look too grateful in this photo.

The look on his face is one of wrath. It’s as if he is saying, “That’s right, I set the house ablaze! There’s nothing you fools can do about it now!”

One cat on this list was so upset to be yelled at that you won’t believe what it did next!

Attention-Seeking Cat Dies From Neglect

dramatic cat overreacting

Yet another attention-seeking cat, acting like it is on the threshold of death just because you didn’t give him enough pets. Sure, we always think that cats don’t care about our love for them but maybe we’re wrong.

Maybe this cat craves cuddles just as much as a newborn puppy. At least this cat is open and willing enough to express it, instead of acting like it doesn’t care just as much as you do.

The Rude Awakening

dramatic cat waking up

Just look at the way this cat’s paw is outstretched in exasperation over the fact that you ruined its slumber by pulling the covers off the bed. We’ve all been there ourselves but we can’t think of any time that we’ve been this dramatic about it.

This cat was just trying to clock in more time to its 22-hour slumber but that came to an end when its human decided it was time to hop out of bed.

Looking For A Fight

dramatic cat ready to fight

Someone’s ready for a fight! One can only guess what this cat may be snarling at in the photo, but it ought to have been pretty threatening to incite a dramatic fighting stance such as this.

We know we wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this cat with a look like this on its face. You better not cross paths with him because if you do, you better be ready to catch these paws!

When Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

dramatic cat receives bad news

This cat looks like you just told him his entire future and he doesn’t know how to handle it. What if he does end up impregnating an alley cat and the next-door-neighbor cat? What if that does result in 11 kittens, five of which won’t make it past infancy?

It sounds like an all too accurate future and now this cat has to figure out if he’s going to stay put for it all or run away.

Look What You’ve Done


The owner of this angry kitty realized that they left him outside all night. Someone is definitely not happy that they’ve been left out in the cold to fend for themselves. We’re sure that the owner was pretty reluctant to let them back in.

We know we would be because this cat looks like he’s about to let his owner have it! Pray for the unfortunate soul who had to face this cat’s wrath that day.

Self-Imposed Punishment

dramatic cat in corner

This cat is apparently punishing itself by facing the corner. You yelled a little too firmly at him for knocking the house plants off the window sill and he took that reprimand a little too seriously.

Now all he wants to do is wallow in his own self-pity over the fact that he just got yelled at. He wasn’t prepared to see his owner so upset. Now he feels terrible and doesn’t know how to make things better.