Earth’s Most Unusual Weather Phenomena Explained

There is so much more to weather than your everyday sunshine or rain (depending on where you live). Nature is one of the most fascinating aspects of life and has the power to give us amazing displays of weather phenomena that often looks like magic.

Thankfully, we have scientists and meteorologists who’ve studied these phenomena and have broken it all down. From rainbows caused by the moon to literal balls of lightning, here are some of the wildest and unusual weather phenomena we’ve ever seen.


We usually see rainbows during the day, when the sun starts to emerge near the end of a rain shower but on rare occasions, you can also see them at night. Moonbows occur just like rainbows do when there is a refraction of light in multiple water droplets caused by rain or a waterfall – the only difference is the light source.

what does a moonbow look like
Alan Stark/Flickr
Alan Stark/Flickr

Moonbows can happen when the moon is low and full to almost full. They often appear white since our eyes since it’s harder for our eyes to discern the colors with limited light.