Elderly Man Has Lived On A Cruise Ship For 13 Years And Absolutely Loves It

The open sea is a calming force that some people can’t get enough of. That certainly is the case for Morton Jablin, a former Navy officer from Brooklyn. He and his wife spent years traveling on cruise ships and befriending fellow adventurers. After decades on various cruise lines, they settled on their favorite and became well-acquainted with its crew members. Years later, Morton is devoted to spending his final years aboard his home away from home.

A Brooklyn Boy Turned Navy Officer

Long before Morton Jablin ever dreamed of living on a cruise ship, he was a resident of New York. Born in 1924, Morton grew up in Brooklyn.

A boy sits on a building stoop in Brooklyn.
Rae Russel/Getty Images
Rae Russel/Getty Images

He developed a deep love for the sea and joined the Navy in the 1940s. As a Navy officer, Morton’s appreciation of the ocean became stronger than ever. He spent time abroad as a part of the Office of Naval Intelligence. It wasn’t until 1946 that he returned to the US.