This Fairytale Dream House Will Leave Disney Fans Breathless

Home is where you get to express yourself through unique interior design. For one Seattle mother, her dream house consisted of Disney-themed rooms. Over the years, she’s perfected her home so that it displays countless collectible Disney items that suit each individual space. Some of our favorites are the Little Mermaid children’s bathroom, the Aladdin master en suite, an Enchanted Tiki Room guest space, and a Rapunzel seating area. We’ll even take a look at how this talented designer transforms her Disney home for the holidays!

Please Wipe Your Paws!

From the moment you approach this home, it’s evident that the people inside are major Disney fans. You’re greeted by a charming shrub cut into the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.


Just above is a One Hundred and One Dalmations-inspired welcome sign that asks that you “Please wipe your paws!” The cherry-on-top is the front door knocker, which features the distinguishable Disney princess castle and Tinkerbell casting her magic. The design is delightfully unique without being overly flashy.