Father’s Day Around The World Is Different Than You May Have Expected

Father’s Day is a special holiday around the world for various reasons. It’s a day dads receive mandatory appreciation. In America, family members have been celebrating their old man the same way for decades now. In other countries, things tend to get interesting. For example, Nepal fathers get honored with their son’s feet. (Continue reading, and you’ll find out more on that.) You’ll also get a chance to see how other regions differ from the United States when celebrating their father. Some of these traditions will surprise you.

Seafood Feast In Japan


EyeOn/UIG via Getty Images

Japanese fathers must save up their appetite for seafood before Father’s Day. It is the tradition that the fathers out there receive a full seafood feast on their important day. Families host a seafood banquet for everyone to enjoy.

After they enjoy all the lobster, presents are in order. The kids create beer glasses for their fathers which come in handy when the champagne gets popped after the seafood meal. Sons and daughters more than likely become highly skilled in cooking their seafood dishes.