Are You A Lover Or A Fighter? Find Out Which Human Feeling Best Defines You

Joy leaning elbows contentedly on control panel in Inside Out
Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios via MovieStillsDb
Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios via MovieStillsDb

One thing that can be equally admirable and frustrating about humanity is how complex we are. Not only will we end up developing our own unique ideas and philosophies as we go through life, but our experiences will also take us through every emotional state there is. Sometimes we will feel so many ways at once. Sometimes, we’ll feel numb, and sometimes we won’t even know why we’re feeling the emotions we are.

But while none of us can simply be boiled down to one feeling, we can still notice some persistent patterns in our lives. We never know what each day will bring, but it’s not too hard to get a sense of how we tend to feel by the time those days end. But if you’re finding it hard to answer whether you consider yourself a happy or an angry person, maybe we can help you find out!

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