This public accountant in New York found a fun way to get dogs adopted

Mark Imhof is a former public accountant in New York who now works to give dog’s better lives for the city’s Animal Care Centers.

Imhof has been working as a volunteer groomer for the city’s two animal shelters in Brooklyn and Manhattan since December.

Imhof told BuzzFeed News that he was working in public accounting for nearly 10 years when his fiancée encouraged him to pursue his passion for working with animals.

When his fiancée adopted a pit bull from a Brooklyn rescue shelter in April he realized the facility didn’t have bathing facilities on site, and the dog was in such bad shape that the dirt on its fur caked on the floor of Imhof’s bathroom at home.

Following a bath the dog looked like an entirely different pup.

“It’d be great if someday someone can go to the shelter and help groom the dogs,” he told his fiancée.

“Why don’t you do that now?” she said.

In October he completed dog grooming school and launched his own dog grooming service.

Along with his own company, he still volunteers to make sure dogs receive some amazing transformations.

Here are a few of Mark’s amazing rescue dog transformations.

Dog Rescue - Grooming in NY

Imhof shaves around each dog’s face to expose their eyes, which he told BuzzFeed is the “connection to the human” and shows the dog’s soul.

Shelter dog makeover

The adult and puppies dogs he grooms give back to Imhof with the look on their faces after a well deserved haircut and cleaning.

Happy rescued dog after haircut and cleaning

Some of his more tough projects can take hours to clean and cut. But Mark Imhof wouldn’t change it for the world. He has been rescuing dogs since he was a kid.

“I’ve always loved animals,” said Imhof. “Now my inner child can come out and transform these animals to make them as lovable outside as they are inside.”