A friendly shark greets a scuba diving guide every single day

A friendly Lemon Shark named Blondie

Some people have dogs and cats as pets, others have more exotic animals. In Jupiter, Florida, one scuba instructor and guide has a friendly shark who might not be his pet — but it is a friend.

Every day scuba diving guide Randy Jordan, a member of the team at Emerald Charters, travels to the same spot to greet an unusual friend named Blondie.

Blondie is a lemon shark that greets Randy and his team. The gentle shark loves to nuzzle the men, and has no shame in showing her desire for affection the moment they arrive.

“I’m not a scientist,” Randy admits, “but I know that sharks have sensitive nerves under their snouts, and when they’re stimulated, they fall into a semi-catatonic state. I think they enjoy it the same way a cat enjoys being petted.”

Watch Randy and his team as they meet with Blondie the lemon shark.