Photos That Prove The Funniest Person In The Family Is Your Mother-In-Law

Mothers-in-law have a reputation for being either difficult to get along with or heartwarmingly goofy. Whether they’re making crocheted memes or not-so-subtle hints about grandchildren, these mothers-in-law are downright hilarious. They’ll offer you their spare floppy discs, proudly hang up a photo of Tom Selleck in the kitchen, or send matching elf outfits for Christmas. From accidentally melting the cutting board in the oven to rocking a Slipknot shirt on a cruise, these mothers-in-law will have you convinced they’re all undercover comedians.

She Dresses Her Pet Goat In A Turtleneck

This person’s mother-in-law decided to get a goat, who she appropriately named Cedric. As if the eccentric pet and old-timey name weren’t enough, she also dressed him up in a light blue turtleneck!


We wouldn’t be surprised if the specially goat-made sweater was knitted by the mother-in-law herself! It would be a blast to have such an independent woman in the family. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. So long as it makes her happy, it’s something to be proud of.