Wacky Decorations That Found Hilarious Ways To Make Christmas Merry

When Christmas approaches, there are all sorts of wonderful ways to make your home look cozy and festive in anticipation of the big day. But while you’re likely to see some traditional decorations full of nostalgic wonder, it’s also true that some folks like to get creative when the holiday season rolls around.

And in this case, we can take “creative” to mean weird, wacky, and downright silly. Some are adorable, while others might make us laugh a little more nervously, but they all stand out!

This adorably grouchy tree

Apparently, a couple found this misfit tree at the lot and took pity on it. And from that, they made this incredibly charming tribute to Oscar the Grouch, complete with a garbage can and a happy little worm friend.

Christmas tree with Oscar the Grouch face sticking out of garbage can

I think both Charlie Brown and Jim Henson would be proud!