This is the most educational remix of a Justin Bieber song you will ever hear

Justin Bieber Learn Excel Song

Remember in middle school and high school when your teacher would attempt to use humor to teach you.

Most of those teachers had two things in common. First, they weren’t usually very funny, and second, they were almost always teaching a “geeky” but also important class like chemistry or math.

College professor Clint Tuttle of the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin has proven that college professors can be just as geeky but also pretty darn funny.

Tuttle teaches a class that helps students learn Microsoft Excel and he recently created a parody of the Justin Bieber hit song ‘Love Yourself.’

The motivational piece is titled “Learn Excel!” and it’s actually a pretty clever remix.

Watch Professor Tuttle’s hilarious video below. It is likely to be the geekiest remix of a Justin Bieber song you ever hear.