Genius Ideas We’re Somehow Not Seeing Everywhere For Some Reason

Have you ever looked at something and thought, “How is this not a thing?!” Well, you’re going to think that a lot when you see all these brilliant ideas that should be widespread by now, but aren’t.

Someone out there saw a problem and knew that a simple solution could save us all a ton of time and energy. We’re still scratching our heads over a candy-free checkout aisle at the grocery store not being a thing yet.

Don’t Worry About Parking Anymore

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or experienced driver, parking can be pretty difficult. There’s nothing worse than trying to be a show-off and back into a parking spot but having no idea how close you are to the cars next to you. Then you have to awkwardly open your drivers-side door to see if you’re near the line and then adjust.

car lines up the wall to park better

Overall, it’s a bad experience that can easily be fixed if they just painted the parking lines up the wall like this parking garage.