This German Shepard had the best reaction to a baby quail running into them

When you bring home a tiny new pet and you already have a large dog living at home it’s smart to introduce them slowly. You don’t want the bigger pet to injure the tiny little creature, but you also want them to know the animal is a part of the family.

Despite his size, a German Shepherd named Thorin proved that a big dog can be the sweetest, most caring animal on the planet.

His owners recently brought home a bunch of baby quails and Thorin was super excited to meet the tiny little birds.

His owner was caring for a bunch of quail eggs and the moment the babies popped out from their brown speckled shells, Thorin took notice.

Thorin’s owner set the babies free on a brown, fuzzy carpet where Thorin was lounging. The dog immediately used his nose to round them all up as they explored their new home.

Thorin even nudged one of the little ones back into line with his nose.

Check out the adorable surrogate dad and his reaction to the little quails.