Girl Gets Bullied For Raising Money To Treat Cancer

Watching children devote their time and effort to charity will warm anyone’s heart. But what if their efforts become overshadowed by the terror and regret brought on by bullying? One high school girl in Australia raised over $800 for leukemia only to have her friends and peers tell her, “You look stupid.”

How do those two events connect? Read on to learn how a high schooler’s cancer fundraiser in honor of her grandma turned into a traumatic event that has her supporters fuming.

Meet The Twelve-Year-Old Activist

Kyarah Doyle, a 12-year-old girl from New South Wales, Australia, had an optimistic goal. She decided to create a fundraising page through the Leukemia Foundation, and specifically, the World’s Greatest Shave challenge.

Kyarah Doyle before fundraising
Facebook/Jessica Smith
Facebook/Jessica Smith

Her mother, Jessica Smith, said that her daughter has “a massive heart” and “wanted to do what she could to help other people and families going through this tough time.” Kyarah set up a fundraising page with an ultimate goal of raising $1,000 to aid patients with blood cancer.