These Pet Owners Used Glass Distortion To Make Their Animals Look Hilarious

Being stuck at home is much easier when you have a pet by your side. Still, pet owners need to get creative after a while to keep themselves and their furry friends entertained. That’s what led these people to use glass to make their pets look silly. From shrunken heads to giant googly eyes, these distorted images might make you spit out whatever you were drinking. Read on for hilarious pet photos that will make you feel like you’ve gone “through the looking glass.”

Do These Glasses Make Me Look Fat?

This pet owner used their glasses to give the illusion that their cat has a tiny head. Being that the feline is laying on the floor, we have a full view of its plump body stretched out on the tile.


The contrast between the large body and the tiny head is what makes this photo such a gem. It’s like the laser from Honey, I Shrink The Kids zapped the cat but only impacted its head!