This 84-Year-Old Grandfather Is The Instagram Influencer We Didn’t Know We Needed In Our Lives

84-year-old Silver Tetsuya is a former chemistry teacher and principal who resides in the Akita Prefecture of Japan and has an impressive 100K followers on Instagram. What exactly draws people to Tetsuya’s page? He dresses up in his grandson Naoya Kudo’s clothing and absolutely rocks every look.

Tetsuya looks just as good in these high-fashion outfits as any other Instagram influencer and he doesn’t even know how to use social media! He may be a retired teacher but he is schooling all of us right now.

Stone Cold Silver Tetsuya

On a trip home to Japan for the Golden Week in May 2019, Naoya Kudo decided he wanted to have his grandfather Silver Tetsuya try on some of his clothes as entertainment for both of them. After taking a few photos and tweeting them out, Kudo quickly realized that Tetsuya was becoming a viral hit, and decided to create an Instagram and Tumblr page so he could share more pictures of his grandfather.

Tetsuya at the library
Photo Credit: Tumblr / slvr-tetsuya
Photo Credit: Tumblr / slvr-tetsuya

In just six weeks, Tetsuya’s Instagram page @slvr.tty, run by Kudo, has gained 100K followers and counting. Kudo said he has been gaining up to 10,000 followers a day.