This guy recreated the Pusheen stickers using his own cat

Julien Therrien recently realized that his own cat looks a lot like the Pusheen Stickers from Facebook.

Not wanting the opportunity to go to waste, he held a photo session with his own cat in which he recreated the stickers in real life.

Here are the hilarious and surprisingly accurate results from a real life Pusheen Cat. 

#1 The Combo
Pusheen Cat - The Combo
#2 The Wool
Pusheen Cat - The Wool
#3 The Hi-Five
Pusheen Cat - The Hi-Five
#4 The Supersonic Unicorn
Pusheen Cat - Supersonic Unicorn
#5 The Pizza
Pusheen Cat - The Pizza
#6 The Laptop
Pusheen Cat - The Laptop
#7 The Thought
Pusheen Cat - The Thought
#8 The Dumbbells
Pusheen Cat - The Dumbbells

#9 The Notebook

Pusheen Cat - The Notebook
#10 Behind The Scenes
Pusheen Cat - Behind The Scenes

#11 The Book

Pusheen Cat - The Book
#12 The Box
Pusheen Cat - The Box
#13 Taxidermy Style
Pusheen Cat - Taxidermy Style

Be sure to check out more of Julien’s work on his Website and on Facebook