5+ Pictures Of Hachi, The Happiest Flower Boi In Japan

Hachi is a flower-loving Shiba Inu who lives in Tsukuba, Japan with his owner Masayo Ishizuki. Ishizuki is a Japanese photographer who fell in love with Hachi and adopted him in January of 2017.

She quickly learned that Hachi was at his cutest (and happiest) when posing in a field of flowers. As of May 2019, Ishizuki has 21K Instagram followers, so it looks like Ishizuki isn’t the only one who loves Hachi!

All Smiles In Ami, Ibaraki

Hachi - April 8 - Ami, Ibaraki, Japan
Photo Credit: Instagram / @issyrider
Photo Credit: Instagram / @issyrider

Hachi is all smiles while posing in these flowers on Hachiko Day in Ami, Ibaraki! Hachiko Day is a Japanese day designated for celebrating the relationship between humans and canines.

Hachiko Day is based on the story of a Japanese Akita named Hachiko who greeted his owner at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo every day from 1924 to May 1925. After his owner passed away, every day for nine years, nine months and fifteen days following, Hachiko would return to the station at the precise time his owner used to arrive. Much like Akitas, Shibas are known for their extreme loyalty to their humans.