This hairless dog was ‘too ugly’ to adopt but things are finally looking up for him

Adopting a pet is a major life decision. A family must be willing to make a choice about how they will care for their new pet for the lifetime of that animal.

Unfortunately, every year in America millions of pets are left to the care of pet shelters and other rescue organizations. Even some of the most adorable animals have a hard time finding homes simply because their are so many to choose from on a daily basis.

Compounding the adoption issue are animals with health problems that could end up being costly for their new family.

A perfect example of this struggle was nine-month-old Bubba, a dog that was surrendered by their family because of mounting medical bills associated with his skin condition.

Bubba was handed over to the Sacramento SPCA.

Bubba suffers from a skin condition called demodectic mange. The condition allows mites to live and feed off the animal’s oil glands and hair follicles.

Amazingly, the shelter was able to quickly find a foster home for Bubba, despite the cost of caring for the puppy.

He soon joined Melissa Roberts and her orange house cat named Mandy.

Melissa quickly realized that the adopted pup loved laying in a tiny bed she purchased, even though it didn’t quite fit his entire body.

“Who knows? Maybe he thinks he’s all the way in it and not realizing that half of his body is on the floor,” says Sarah Varanini, a foster coordinator at Sacramento SPCA.

While he was comfy in his new home, the poor little dog was still suffering from a skin condition. It was soon discovered that he was also  suffering from a second skin infection.

“It’s pretty generalized. It’s kind of all over him. We’re expecting treatment to take at least two months, if not longer. Once we get him all good, we’ll be able to adopt him out,” says Sarah.

Despite all of his problems, he’s right at home and loving his new lease on life and hopefully some day soon he will find his forever home.