The Most Delightful Halloween Costumes For Dogs And Their Owners!

As Halloween approaches, a lot of people talk about family or couple costumes that they can do together. But dogs are part of our families too. Over the years, dog owners have gotten creative with their outfits to invent an owner-canine costume.

There are character reference costumes, such as having your dog dressed as E.T. while you be Elliott. Then there are generically funny costumes, such as making yourself the wounded surfer and your dog the shark. Whatever the variation, we have all the best owner-dog costumes for your upcoming Halloween!

Hot Dog!

Boy dressed as a hot dog vendor with dog dressed as a hot dog
Pinterest/Stephanie Lynn
Pinterest/Stephanie Lynn

Most dog owners have seen hot dog costumes that transform their pup into an American staple food. With a few costume additions, you can turn this suit into a duo: a hot dog and a concession stand owner.

With the simplest method, you just need to find a vender hat and apron. You can wear casual clothes underneath, and you’ll look like you’re selling lunch to New Yorkers. You can even make most of this costume yourself.