Heartwarming New Year’s Resolutions That We’re Seriously Rooting For

As our calendars change to ring in yet another year, we can often find it hard to take each other’s New Year’s resolutions seriously. That’s not to say they weren’t sincere at the time, but there’s a difference being meaning what you say in the heat of the moment on New Year’s Eve and committing to it a month later.

But sometimes, a resolution is so heartwarming and beautiful that it inspires the whole friend group to help make it happen together. And those are exactly the kinds of New Year’s promises we’ll be talking about today.

Remain Unique

One person wrote, “I miss painting my nails crazy neon colors. I miss having time to wear crop tops while blasting music in my car on a midnight drive. I miss sequin short shorts with platform boots.”

woman holding emoji balloons over her face in front of colorful wall
Lidya Nada/Unsplash
Lidya Nada/Unsplash

But while they may be feeling pressure to conform to how they understand adults are “supposed” to behave in society, it was heartwarming to see others encourage them not to let such situational forms of etiquette rule their life and truly express themselves instead.