These Heartwarming Pet Adoption Photos Will Have You Racing To The Shelter To Find Your New Best Friend

Pets bring so much love to our lives, but the most rewarding part of being an owner is seeing the joy you bring them. Animals who are adopted have a rare appreciation for their happy home, and it shows from day one. Some owners captured the life-changing moment in a precious photograph. Get ready for some heartwarming pictures of newly-adopted pets snuggling up to their forever families, including pet siblings! Warning: these images may tempt you to rescue truckloads of fur buddies.

That Close-Eyed Smile

This dog seems keenly aware of the fact she’s headed to her forever home. She’s leaned against her human sibling and couldn’t be happier about it. The little boy is looking down as his new pet with all the love she’s been craving.


It’s incredible how dogs have a way of living in the moment. This canine isn’t dwelling on the shelter she just came from, but is just grateful to now have a family.