This Is What Happened When A Helpless Kitten Was Raised With A Pack Of Huskies

It’s hard to make it on the streets, especially if you’re just a tiny kitten. But one young feline found herself in that exact position, living as a stray in the San Francisco Bay Area. The lonely kitty was just a few weeks old and was completely on her own. Fortunately, some caring sisters discovered the helpless critter and brought her home, naming her Rosie. There, she met her new “siblings,” a pack of Huskies. Read on to see how Rosie got along with her canine housemates and what she’s up to today!

It’s Not Always Sunny In California

Despite its reputation as a place filled with sunshine, that’s not always the case in California – especially in northern parts of the state like San Jose, where Rosie’s story begins. At night, temperatures in the area commonly dip into the 40s, which is far too chilly for a two-week-old kitten to survive in.


It didn’t seem that this stray kitty had any chance of survival in such an environment. But fortunately, fate intervened and changed everything in the young cat’s life.