Why These Dog Breeds May Be The Best Fit For Seniors

People who love dogs know that animals are much more than pets – they’re just like members of the family! The benefits of caring for a dog are huge; dog ownership can improve heart health, decrease stress, depression, and loneliness, and even help you stay active.

The breeds on this list were all selected because they can make great pets for seniors, especially those who live by themselves and could use the companionship. If you read about a breed you like here, it’s worth checking out local rescue groups to see what dogs they have available. Good luck finding yourself a new best friend!


Beagles are one of the most well-known dog breeds, thanks in large part to Snoopy. The beloved cartoon character is pretty famous! Beagles are extremely affectionate, making them excellent companions for seniors. They’re also pretty small in size which means they can be ideal for apartment or condo living.


Other perks of living with a beagle: they don’t shed excessively, they’re low-maintenance, and they have great temperaments. They’re even good with kids. And you just can’t beat their cuteness. Younger beagles tend to have a lot of energy, so older dogs might be better suited to seniors who aren’t very active.