Boyfriend Takes Pictures Of Engagement Ring Next To His Girlfriend Without Her Noticing

It’s one of those harmlessly hilarious stories that the internet bonds over. When Edi Okoro decided that Cally Read was the one, he bought his then-girlfriend an engagement ring. He waited over a month to pop the question. In the meantime, Edi took 23 pictures of the engagement ring right next to Cally without her noticing.

Edi managed to pull off amazing stunts, including holding the ring behind Cally several times, pulling it out when she’s asleep, and even placing it on her back. Cally remained oblivious the whole time. You have to see how hilarious Edi’s photo collection is.

Here’s How It All Began

Cally's engagement ring sits on a jewelry holder
Facebook/Edi Okoro
Facebook/Edi Okoro

On August 22, 2019, Edi Okoro explained how he proposed to his girlfriend…or rather, all the times he didn’t propose. In his Facebook Post, Edi describes how he’s a spontaneous person who wanted a spur-of-the-moment engagement. His girlfriend Cally knew this, which made his planning (or lack thereof) harder.

While he was pondering his options, Cally almost caught a glimpse of his ring. At that moment, Edi came up with an idea.