Hidden Meanings Behind Common Dog Behaviors That Everyone Should Know

Most dog owners wish they could communicate with their pet like they communicate with their friends and family. While we can see a handful of emotions clearly through dogs’ actions and demeanor, what our pets are really thinking is still largely a mystery to us. There are, however, some dog behaviors that can help us better understand what our furry friends are actually trying to tell us. The following dog behaviors say more than you think!

What Your Dog Is Really Saying When They Give You “Puppy Eyes”

Most people assume that when a dog give you the “puppy eyes,” they’re begging or trying to look cute so that you’ll give them attention (or a delicious treat). However, the reality is that they are showing you love and affection.

Photo Credits: Hakan Mehmet Sahin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Photo Credits: Hakan Mehmet Sahin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

When they look at you with innocence it means that they love you and it’s basically them giving you a hug or a kiss. So, if you catch your dog looking at you like this, it means you’re doing something right.