50 Years After Giving Up Their Baby, High School Sweethearts Learn What Happened To Her

Young love feels impenetrable, yet it is fleeting. Two teens who grew up in Minnesota in the 1950s had to learn this the hard way. Karen Lehmann and Dennis Vinar were high school sweethearts and after Karen had become pregnant, they wanted to get married. Of course, there were plenty of things that prevented that from happening and even worse, they were forced to give up their baby.

Heartbroken, Karen and Dennis had no choice but to move on. Until one day 50 years later, fate caused them to confront the truth.

Young And In Love

It is said that you never forget your first love. In the case of Dennis Vinar and Karen Lehmann, the statement couldn’t be any truer. He was a sophomore and she was a freshman in high school when they began dating.

dennis vinar and karen lehmann in high school
Steve TV Show/YouTube
Steve TV Show/YouTube

When you’re young and in love, it feels as if nothing can come between what you have with that special someone. But for Karen and Dennis, someone could come between them—and did.