Hilarious Co-Sleeping Fails That Sleep-Deprived Parents Can Relate To

Co-sleeping is practiced between parents and children all over the world. Parents who love to co-sleep with their newborns, toddlers, and older children, argue that it keeps them more connected to their kiddos. We understand that co-sleeping can be a controversial topic for many people but it can also yield some really funny and adorable results. From parents who can’t figure out their child’s sleep time motives to moms and dads who are totally over the practice, we’ve found some really funny and unexpected co-sleeping situations.

The Best Foot Rest

When Ilana held a contest in Mommy Shorts called “Get Out of My Bed, Please,” her followers certainly delivered. She shared this photo as one of her favorites, knowing all too well that parents out there can relate. As you can see, this little boy somehow managed to move all the way to the top of the bed and snuggle up against the headboard.


Unfortunately for mom, this meant that she became part of his new resting space and not only did he stick one of his feet in her pillows, but he also let one of his feet hang over mom’s face! That’d be something to wake up to.