PHOTOS: Dog Haircuts That Are Hilariously Ruff!

Bringing a dog to the groomer, there is typically an agreement that they’re not going to go all-out with the pooches haircut. Of course, that’s not always the case. Take these canines, for example. They came home with some hilarious dos. From a full shave to dinosaur-inspired cuts, here are some hilariously horrible dog haircuts.

This Rocker Dog Isn’t Sure About His Orange Mohwak

Don’t let the mohawk fool you; this dog has no idea what just happened and why people think he’s about to belt out a verse like David Lee Roth. Just look at his little eyes; they look so confused!

Rocker Dog
Miriam Michelin/Pinterest
Miriam Michelin/Pinterest

Hopefully, the owner knew they’d come back to the groomers with this awaiting them, or else the orange hairdo was probably a very unwelcomed surprise. It’s okay, little guy, you make it work.