Hilarious Puppy Fails That Will Leave You Howling For More

Mud Whisperer

You can bet that this happened within the last minute of an hour-long hike, just before they were about to load up and drive home. This adolescent Golden Retriever looks a little too old to be pulling a stunt like this. I’ve never seen an episode of The Dog Whisperer, but from what I’ve heard, Cesar would probably recommend a training technique that involves tricking the dog into believing that he is being left behind. Say something like, “well I guess that’s it then, you stay here and live off the land, we are going back home where the people who live there don’t roll in mud and expect others to clean up after them,” and then hop in the car and drive off.

Of course, you loop around and pick up your best bud, but the message will be clear: “cleanliness is next to godliness, you doofus.”