Warm Your Ice-Cold Heart With These Hilarious Snowman Photos

Every winter, hundreds of people make snowmen. Some build tiny snowmen with a baby carrot nose, and others erect snow castles. But hilarious snowmen come in all shapes and sizes.

Some people have changed a snowy field into a snowman army. Others have transformed their mailbox into an artistic creation. From a snow toilet to a squareman, here are the funniest snowmen to ever grace social media.

“This Dang Phone Froze Up On Me Again”

This snowman is posed like everyone else on Christmas morning. But instead of checking Instagram, he’s checking the weather to see how long he has left. He’s lucky he received a waterproof iPhone 7.

A snowman is posed as if it's scrolling through its phone.

If you’re looking for a new phone this winter, wait until the snow melts. This snowman can only browse on his phone for so long, poor guy. But at least he’ll provide some laughs until then. Well done to the makers of this snowman.