Hilarious Items That Pets “Gifted” To Their Owners

The only thing that can make pets even cuter than they already are is when they do something totally unexpected. Many pets enjoy bringing their humans random household items that they think they might need. Whether it’s duct tape, a feather duster, a basket, or a hairbrush, these “gifts” show how charmingly clueless some furry friends can be. Read on to see the precious offerings these pets eagerly brought to their owners, just hoping for approval.

Today’s Prize Is Lip Balm

This beautiful dog is shown greeting their human at the front door with a small container in their mouth. As it turns out, this isn’t the first time the precious pooch has offered up a welcome home present.


The Reddit user explained, “Hopscotch always brings me a toy when I get home. Today he brought me my husband’s lip balm.” If today’s “toy” was chapstick, we have to wonder what other random treasures the dog has brought to their loving owner.