His daughter asked him to babysit her doll and then hilarity ensued

Trent McCain is an incredibly busy guy. As the owner of McCain Trucking & Harvesting, he doesn’t always get to spend as much time at home with his daughter as he would like.

Recently nine-year-old Joselyn asked her dad to watch her favorite baby doll for the day.

She didn’t want her dad to be lonely on the road and she thought this would be a nice way for him to have company.

Since he was watching his “granddaughter” doll, he decided to have some fun.


The doll’s name is Abbie, and she helped him load the truck.


She watched over every load like a good little inspector.


They even took some adorable selfies.


They even went fishing!


Abbie wanted to drive the truck but she couldn’t reach the peddles.

Joselyn returned from her day out, so she and Abbie hit the field with Dad to check on some wheat.

They recently added two new dolls to the family: Brinley and Anna. Grandpa is going to have some busy times ahead!

This dad is doing an awesome job at “Dadding” and that is the best gift a daughter can have.