A homeless man was counting change at Chick-fil-A when 3 teens did something incredible

Homeless Man Chick-fil-A

We’ve said it a million times at GiveItLove — teens can be really amazing when they set their minds to help those in need.

Ryan Cook was with his buddies at Chick-fil-A when he noticed a man who seemed to be homeless hanging out in the restaurant.  Cook noticed that the man was sitting with a worn bible and counting change. The young man quickly asked workers at Chick-filA about the man.

Employees at the restaurant said he was a nice man who only ever approached others to ask for water for his dog, Sock.

Cook, a very young and humble good samaritan quickly collected money from his friends and purchased several gift cards for the hungry homeless stranger.

As if that wasn’t enough, the teens then went across the street to Dicks Sporting Goods where they purchased for him a jacket, beanie, t-shirts and a first aid kit.

After receiving the unexpected gifts the man said, “it felt like Christmas.”

When the video went viral some people said Ryan was just seeking attention to which he responded perfectly with the following statement:

“Just setting an example for everyone else. Be selfless and do good for others, then the world would be a better place for everyone. Felt the need to post this to inform others to do better not to gain anything from it.”

Watch the homeless man’s reaction to the kind gesture.

Posted by Ryan Cook on Friday, January 27, 2017