A Man Was Spending A Night On The Town When A Homeless Woman Took Him By Surprise

Some underestimate the homeless by forgetting that they are regular human beings who have pasts and stories of their own. Many ignore the homeless. Some may offer some spare change, but it’s rare that someone will take the time to have a conversation with a homeless person. When one Welsh man did just that, he was shocked to discover who he was speaking with. He was especially taken aback by the humility of the woman and her friend, who was also homeless. What started as a typical night out led to a surprising turn of events. Read on to find out what happened.

Meet Jonathon Pengelly

The guy with the backward cap and a crooked smile is Jonathon Pengelly, a Welshman. Like many young adults, he enjoys a good time out on the town with friends.

Jonathon Pegelly poses for a selfie.
The King/Facebook
The King/Facebook

After a few years of going out, you more or less know what to expect: friends, games, food, maybe some dancing… rinse and repeat. However, this night would turn into one that many adults never experience. Someone was about to make a huge impact on Jonathon’s life.