How Countries Around The World Celebrate Their Independence Days

The Fourth of July is the highlight of the summer in the United States. Americans have become pros at kicking off Independence Day with barbecues, picnics, and of course, explosive fireworks. But we’re not the only ones who have something to celebrate. Many other countries celebrate their independence in massive ways as well and you might be surprised to learn whose celebrations are similar to ours.

Norway Eats All The Ice Cream For Syttende Mai


Photo by Tolga Akmen/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Norway celebrates Constitution Day on May 17th, otherwise known as Syttende Mai, the day the Constitution of Norway was signed in 1814. Unlike many other countries’ celebrations, Norway’s Constitution Day is notably non-military in nature.

Norwegians like to celebrate by consuming copious amounts of ice cream! Constitution Day is when ice cream shops and sellers see booming sales. Aside from that, the day mostly consists of children’s parades, where schoolchildren march while carrying the Norwegian national flag and donning its colors – red, blue, and white. There are also public parades that any citizen can join.