His Wife Got The Surprise Of Her Life When He Secretly Cleaned Up His Look

Connie Herman noticed that her husband, Travis, had all but given up in the looks department. He was too busy being a working father to put any time and effort into his appearance. Connie and Travis were happy together, but Connie had pretty much forgotten what Travis looked like under his huge, unkempt beard.

Travis decided to call in some backup to help him look a little neater for his wife. Once the transformation started happening, there was no turning back. Keep reading to see how the entire makeover happened and to see how Connie reacted to the new Travis.

She Had A Problem With His Beard

Connie and Travis had a near-perfect relationship. Connie adored Travis and thought that he was an excellent father, provider, and friend. Unfortunately, there was something about Travis’ face that Connie just couldn’t bring herself to love.

side by side husband with beard and wife reaction
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube
Photo Credit: Rachel Ray Show / YouTube

Connie hated Travis’ giant bushy beard. Every time this couple hugged, Connie would get a face full of beard hair. It wasn’t the romantic embrace she was hoping for. Connie asked Travis to shave his beard multiple times, but Travis had grown attached to his facial hair— literally and figuratively.