Impromptu Court Speech From A Thirteen-Year-Old Brought His Foster Mom To Tears

There was one thing that Sara and Stuart Shank weren’t prepared for on their court day, and that was their teenage foster son Dayshawn interrupting the judge. Not only did they not expect his expression of love, but they anticipated his six-year-old brother Michael to blurt something out instead.

The Shank’s court experience has brought hundreds of viewers to tears. But the story didn’t start there. After three years of fostering them, the couple attempted to adopt the boys officially. This is the family’s story.

No One Had Expected This Teenager To Speak Up

In August 2018, the Shanks went into a court proceeding that would define the rest of their lives. They had fostered two boys for over three years–something which neither of the 26-year-olds expected. They all quaked in their chairs as they waited for the judge’s ruling.

Sara Shank breaks down as Dayshawn explains how he loves his foster parents
YouTube/Speedy Facts
YouTube/Speedy Facts

During the hearing, the 13-year-old boy interrupted the judge to explain his love for his foster parents. His speech caused everyone (especially his mom) to shed a tear.