Diver Gets A Surprise Of A Lifetime When A Seal Pulls On His Hand

Exploring below the ocean’s surface, scuba diving offers an experience unlike any other. The sea is full of beauty and mystery and scuba divers get a close-up view of coral, fish, and other sea life every time they go for a dive. One day, two divers had a once in a lifetime experience when seals swam towards them and tried to communicate. Luckily, one of the divers had a camera on-hand to capture the entire encounter. Keep reading and find out what the seals wanted to tell the two divers that day.

Two Friends Went For A Dive At The Isles of Scilly


Located off the coast of Cornwall, England lies the Isles of Scilly. The region is known for its incredible natural beauty, including flowers and wildlife. Many of the islands are uninhabited by humans, but seals and rare birds are plentiful.

The islands have the warmest temperatures of the British Isles and offer excellent scuba diving that gives visitors a unique perspective of the islands. Two Englishmen went for a dive one day and returned home with an incredible story to share.