Inspirational Graffiti Quotes That Are Sure To Get You Through Your Day

Art is interesting. It can provoke feelings you didn’t know you had. It can also make you see life in a different perspective. So when you’re walking down the street, you might see some graffiti. These street art paintings can be anything from flowers to inspirational messages. Here are some of the most inspirational graffiti quotes around.

Stop It

Let’s be real. No one likes being judged. And who are you to judge anyway, Judge Judy? The world might just be a better place if others wouldn’t go around judging people. It’s especially bad when you prejudge someone. Get to know people before you make false claims about them.

They Never Die

If someone is your soulmate then it was meant to be. No matter what happens to that other person or you won’t derail the fact that the two of you were meant to for each other. So don’t worry about finding your soulmate, he or she will come.

What Do You Think?

We each are given the same amount of hours. Some people just use them differently. For instance, someone may want to play video games all day and watch TV while others are out there putting in hard work. So, what will you be remembered for?

Do You Agree?

For some, this statement is the truth. Nothing heals a basket full of problems like your favorite music. This is especially true when the songs you listen to have a message that you can relate too. Go ahead and find the music that fits you and this message will be more fitting.

Is There Any More?

We live on a spherical planet (depending on who you ask) and it’s all we’re restricted too. But what about all the stars in space? Is this planet all we have? For some, it may be. But for others, there can be more if you find it.

Get Up And Do Something

You’re sitting at home, not doing anything on the couch. Your life is passing you by but you’re only concerned with Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Quit changing the channel and change your life. Get out there and do something. The Kardashians aren’t keeping up with you.

Who Are You?

The main question we asked when we’re young is what do we want to be when we’re grown. We’re just kids, we probably don’t know yet. But we can tell you what we like right now. Does that always translate to a formidable career by the time you grow up? That answer is unclear but it helps molds us better instead of shaping us into people we don’t how to be yet.

You’ll Still Be Here

Even if people try and paint over your existence, you’ll still be here. Whatever it is you are putting into the galaxy, once at least one person latches on to it, you won’t be easily painted over. If that doesn’t make sense now, one day it will.

Don’t Be Fearful

If you want to do something, don’t let fear hold you back. Who cares what so and so thinks. If you want to be a photographer then be it! Who cares if people think you aren’t good or if they laugh at you. With patience and work, the ones that doubted you will be the ones looking stupid.

Even In Spanish

Sometimes you have to get your point across in another way. “More Love Please” is what this reads. And that statement couldn’t be any truer. We need more love and less of all that toxicity going on around the world. And these are basic Spanish words that should be readable for many, not just those who speak the language.

Who Really Cares?

While you’re at home stressing if you should go to that party coming up on Saturday, just remember that no one will care if you’re not there. Sure, you might get that text on Sunday asking why you didn’t show but who really cares? Don’t worry about it too much.

You Look Fine

Instead of slaving in front of the mirror for long periods of time and worrying about how you look, you should just stop. Like these words say right here, “you look nice today”. And don’t worry, you look nice every day. Don’t let popular opinion change how you view yourself.

Are You Still A Child

Deep down, we all still have that inner child in us. Some choose to keep that child inside them locked up for good. Others allow that child to be free. That is the child that survived. Look in the mirror and ask yourself; did your inner child survive?

It’s Never Too Early

Kids should be taught this message from a young age. Let them see that the world is theirs for the taking. If they dream it they can achieve it. And it’s even easier if you start a young age. Instead of them figuring it out when they’re older with less time to do things.

Be Sure To Choose Wisely

As you get older, this message screams even more truth. If you want to advance through life with little stress then you need to get this figured out. Those who inspire are the ones you need to keep around. And we all know those people who are capable of destroying us.

If You’re Going To Follow Something

If all else fails, you can always follow your heart. It would never steer you wrong intentionally. In fact, it might lead you to places you only dreamed of. It is better than following advice from people who don’t have your best interest in mind. Do what you feel is right.

The Truth Can Be Seen

This saying has been around for some time now. It’s a play on words but it makes the utmost sense. It is almost like the birds of same feather flock together phrase. If someone is speaking truthfully and you’re a truthful person then you will know. You will also know if they lying.

I Have Questions

The only things in life that are guaranteed is death and taxes. Meaning, no matter what you’re being told or shown, you might not be seeing the full picture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because you never know what other underlying factors could be involved.

Be Different

If you see everyone going down the same road, you don’t have to follow. Be the one that goes against the grain. Create your own way. It may be hard at first but it may turn out to be more rewarding for you! Remember, few take their own path.

No More War!

Isn’t this a bit ironic? War also is what adds to poverty. So not only are we not helping our own people, we are also adding fuel to the fire. This message holds a lot of weight. Maybe one day everyone will understand that war is not the solution.