Italian Couple’s Quarantine Love Story Has Everyone Calling Them Romeo & Juliet

The year 2020 is sure to go down in history as a challenging time, but for one couple, it was the year that changed their lives for the better. Michele and Paola were single residents of the same apartment building in Verona, Italy. While quarantining on their balconies, Michele spotted Paola and it was love at first sight. Read on to see how the romantic won over his Juliet, and what their happy ending looks like now.

Living In The Romeo And Juliet City

This is the apartment building where Michele and Paola both fatefully resided. It is suitably located in Vienna, Italy, the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Though they both have lived there most of their lives, they never crossed paths.


With the coronavirus in full effect, residents around the world started sharing music and singing out of their balconies. Michele and Paola’s community did the same, and one evening the modern Romeo spotted his future Juliet.