Jada Pinkett Smith’s Wise Words On Mom Shaming And Willow’s Shaved Head

In this digital age, parents are subject to more widespread judging and shaming than previously, especially those who are celebrities. That’s why actress Jada Pinkett Smith decided to bring up the topic on her Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk. She recalled the criticism she received when her daughter Willow decided to shave her head, sharing the powerful lesson that came from the event. Read on to see what was behind Willow’s bold statement, and what the experience taught Hollywood giants Jada Pinkett and Will Smith about parenting.

An Unorthodox Love Story

Will Smith was already married when he realized he was meant to be with Jada Pinkett. The two had met the year prior, and something about Jada made Will sure that she was the one. When his first marriage ended, he pursued the young actress.

Dave Benett/Getty Images
Dave Benett/Getty Images

After two years of dating, Will asked Jada to marry him. The timing was impeccable, because the very next day, the couple discovered that they were expecting. They had a private wedding ceremony on New Year’s Eve, when Jada was three months pregnant.