Japanese Cat-Shaped Sandals Are Here And They’ll Make Your Feet Look Cute For Once

Japanese Company Nyara Geta has released a new line of cat-inspired sandals that are purrfect for the summer weather. Paws what you’re doing because your toes have never and will never look cuter than when they’re in these. Warning: excessive cat puns ahead.

Check out this adorable footwear and dive into the weird world of the cutest novelty items that Japanese companies are currently offering. Do you need these products? Absolutely not. But are you going to get them because they’re adorable? Of course.

These Kitties Make Your Feet Pretty

Nyara Geta took the traditional Japanese Geta sandal and revamped it with a modern and adorable twist. Normally Geta have wooden bases – but this time it’s a cute kitty you’re stepping on. Don’t think too hard about the moral implications of that.

cat sandals adorable blue pink and white
Photo Credit: @naragetaya / Instagram
Photo Credit: @naragetaya / Instagram

Instead of wood, the shoes are made of an EVA base. EVA is the plastic vinyl material that is often found on the bottoms of flip flops. Looks like this cat really can learn new tricks. Was it a cat?