This Couple Was Shocked When Their Kitten’s Fur Magically Changed Color

When Kathryn van Beek spotted a kitten on the street, she knew it was up to her to rescue the poor creature. Little did she know that the kitten, Bruce, was soon going to change.

Watching him grow, Kathryn was stunned to witness Bruce’s fur magically change from gray to patchy and black. Stay tuned because there is more to this kitten than meets the eye!

Kathryn Van Beek Spotted A Kitten In The Rain

It was November 3, 2015, in Auckland, New Zealand, when Kathryn van Beek spotted a tiny kitten in distress. Not seeing the tiny creatures mother around, Kathryn knew she had to do something.

Bruce the cat/Facebook
Bruce the cat/Facebook

So, rescuing the kitten, she scooped the small creature up and brought him back home with her.