The Unlikely Friendship Between A Young Girl And Her Two Pet Pythons Has Captivated The World Of Social Media

Seven-year-old Emi went against the norm when it came to her pet selection. Instead of a cat or dog, this little girl’s father brought home two 15-foot reticulated pythons, Sonny and Cher.

Instead of being terrified, Emi’s been caught on camera cuddling with the two snakes, showing that they are nothing more than part of the family.

Ed Taoka Brought Home Two Interesting Pets

Thirty-Nine-year-old Ed Taoka is a massage therapist who works out of Surrey in South East England. Ed isn’t a normal working man, though. He and his seven-year-old daughter Emi have two reptiles in their house that might have people doing a double-take.

7-Year-Old's Bestie Is A 15ft Python
Anna Sass/Future Publishing via Getty Images
Anna Sass/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Living with them is two Surrey 15-foot reticulated pythons, six-year-old Sonny and five-year-old Cher.