This little girl sees and hears her mom for the first time at two years old. Here’s her incredible story

Blind and deaf baby hears and sees for the very first time

It wasn’t until she was 2-years-old that Nicolly Pereira saw and heard her mother for the very first time.

The toddler from Brazil was both deaf and blind when she was born and shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with pediatric glaucoma.

The glaucoma in her eyes were so bad, she couldn’t even see light.

Nicolly went through seven different types of surgery but nothing was working.

Like any loving mother this little girls mom, Daiana Pereira, wasn’t willing to give up hope. She decided to post her daughter’s story on Facebook.

The post soon went viral and eventually a Facebook user from Miami contacted the Jackson Health Foundation’s International Kids Fund on behalf of Nicolly.

The Fund partnered with the Kevin Garcia Foundation and together the organizations raised $17,000 to pay for Nicolly’s surgery at Bascom Palmer.

Not only was the little girl blind and deaf, she also couldn’t talk or walk. At first her mom thought she was developmentally disabled.

When Nicolly and her mom arrived in the US, doctors at the University of Miami quickly discovered she had water buildup in her inner ears.

The doctors drained the little girl’s ears and she could hear for the very first time!

Once she was out of surgery and recovery, this baby experienced something amazing. She could see and hear for the very first time.

Blind baby sees for the very first time

Her story is one of heartbreak and triumph. A little girl once thought to be developmentally disabled can now see and hear her mother.

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