It looks like a portal to another realm, but it’s actually very practical

Covao do Conchos Spillway

Spillways are designed to control water in dams and for the most part they look pretty standard in their design.

A team of engineers built the Covao do Conchos Spillway in 1955 with a more aesthetic approach in mind.

The spillway is part of the Conchos Dam in Portugal and it looks like something that would lead through an alien portal to another world.

The 4,984-foot-long tunnel leading to the dam is an amazing display of human engineering, but most people are more impressed with its stunning form than they are with its actual and important function.

Here’s a breathtaking drone-captured video of the Covao do Conchos Spillway.

Just remember that getting caught in its current means certain death, so while it’s beautiful, it also provides a cautionary tale.