A Lost Dog Was Reunited With Their Owner At A Pet Adoption Drive

A very lucky pet owner was reunited with their lost dog on Saturday at a pet adoption event in Jacksonville, Florida.

Daisy was first brought to the shelter right around Thanksgiving. The man and his family searched for Daisy for weeks after she escaped from the backyard when his son left the gate open.

Daisy was reunited with her family after a babysitter who works for the family saw the pups photo on the animal care and protective services website.

The dog’s owner rushed over to the Mega Pet Adoption event to get her back. It’s a massive event that helps find permanent homes for more than 1,000 puppies, kittens, dogs and cats from various shelters around the area.

Jennie Clutterbuck said the shelter named her Sophia and her sweet demeanor was breaking the worker’s hearts on a daily basis.

Clutterbuck said Daisy was terrified at the shelter but came to life the moment she realized her owner had found her.

“(I) thought, ‘Holy cow, she found someone she really likes.’ It turns out this is her Dad!!” she wrote on Facebook.

She captured the reunion on video and shared the happy moment on Twitter.

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