These Dog Breeds Are Known For Their Loyalty

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because they offer humans unconditional love, support, and loyalty. However, dog breeds vary somewhat in their characteristics and tendencies. Some dogs are more energetic, active, or live longer, etc. When choosing to get a dog, many consider the breed when making their decision. While German shepherds and golden retrievers are popularly known for their loyalty and intelligence, less widespread breeds like basset hounds and Samoyeds are also terrific companions. Read on to discover which dog breeds make for the best fur friends and why.

German Shepherd

German shepherds are your best workers. They will not only remain loyal to you but will work hard and fight for you. These dogs are known specifically for their courage and confidence.

A German shepherd wears a military uniform.
Vitaly NevarTASS via Getty Images
Vitaly NevarTASS via Getty Images

Descendents of German herding dogs, these shepherds were bred to be fast, agile, and smart. However, anyone who owns one of these loving dogs will tell you that when work is over, they are just as affectionate as can be. These dogs will be great on your team and in your family.