Maid Hired To Clean Beautiful Home Can Hardly Contain Herself When She Finds Out Who Owns It

Housekeepers have one of the most thankless jobs in the world. The physically demanding job requires them to clean up after people they don’t even know, often times for very little in return. Still, housekeepers power through the dirty work especially if it means they’re putting food on the table for their family. This was exactly the case for single mother Cara Simmons, who was sent to clean a home that would end up changing her life.

A Hard-Working Single Mother

As a single mother of three kids, 36-year-old Cara Simmons of Cleveland, Ohio hardly took a day to herself. Any parent knows what it is like to put your childrens’ lives before your own and Simmons was no exception.


To make ends meet, she worked as a housekeeper. She was never one to take a day off and it seemed that vacations were simply out of the question. Little did Simmons know, people took notice of her hard work.